Jennifer has always been my go-to person for dog sitting. My blue healer mix is super sensitive and Jennifer always made Sam feel at home and comfortable. Because of his quirkiness I was always worried about leaving him, but when I met Jennifer I knew right away that this was the person for Sam. From my experience she is very good with all animals. I highly recommend Jennifer for your pet sitting needs.   Julie H.


I will never forget getting ready for our first trip. I was in desperate search for a place to board my newly rescued Charlotte, basset/pointer mix. I went everywhere, but wasn't happy with what I saw and almost canceled my trip.
In steps, Jennifer of Bay Blue Farm. After our first meet up at her place I knew I'd be okay leaving. My furbaby would be treated as her own on her 7 fenced in acres. She has an amazing calm command in working with all of her animals including those she brings into her pack to sit. That is actually how she handles them, she is the leader of this pack created of both her own and those she watches. Since our first trip, we have gained another dog, a great dane, that she also watches for us. Sometimes its a few days and sometimes it's just for the day, but when I drop off my furbabies in her care I know I can be worry free. She treats mine as her own. They have both become very well socialized, even my rescue and they both love to visit their Aunt Jennifer's! I say Aunt,  because just like our furbabies, she is also a part of our family that we couldn't be without.     Stephanie S. Aiken, SC