Holistic Horsemanship-The Whole Approach

Jennifer Nicolella is a Certified Equine Sports Massage Therapist (ESMT) and Canine Massage Therapist (CMT). She attended the renowned massage school, Equissage in Virginia.


Benefits of Massage
-Improves circulation, muscle tone and balance        -Increases range of motion and flexibility
-Relieves tension                                                              -Enhances performance and balance
-Lowers stress                                                                  -Improves disposition


Equine Massage  60 minutes   $75.00                                  

Canine Massage  60 minutes   $60.00                                 

​Travel fee may apply

Massage is a focused, intentional, and deliberate touch to balance, soothe, relax, and energize the body.
Massage therapy addresses the whole horse or dog physically, emotionally and mentally, and is an excellent preventative tool as well as an aid in rehabilitation. Bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments hold the skeleton in proper alignment and Massage Therapy aids in supporting this natural alignment.