Animal Communication is a telepathic way of communicating and is the natural way all animals communicate with one another and with us. It is their primary language.  We are all born with telepathic abilities. Humans learn to rely on verbal communication and tend to push aside their telepathic ability at a young age. If we keep out telepathic ability "exercised" it stays strong and efficient.

Each animal has their own unique personality. Some are comedians, some are very stoic and some are chatter boxes. They have their own agenda and purpose, and may even have advice for their person. 

Well, they CAN and DO talk!

Holistic Horsemanship-The Whole Approach

Animal Communication

How does it work?
Animal communication consultation is a direct two-way conversation where I am the translator. It is one of many tools I use in all my services. Images, thoughts, feeling, sensations and a sense of knowing are transmitted to others without the use of verbal words or body language.

One of the amazing parts of  telepathy is that is can be done in person or over distance! You and your animal can be anywhere in the world and we can connect telepathically.

Animal Communication Consultations can help you:

  • Get to know your animal better, and learn their true likes and dislikes
  • ​Deepen your relationship with your animal
  • Discover the reason behind undesirable behaviors 
  • Reveal your animal's life purpose and hear if they have a message for you
  • Find out if the animal you are thinking of adopting or buying is suitable to your lifestyle
  • ​Make transitions easier, such as moving, bringing a new pet or baby into the home, loss of a pet ​​


$90 per hour

a maximum of 3 animals in one hour 

Have you ever said, "I wish you could talk!" to one of your animals?

I create a clear connection with your animal and to relay the information as accurately as possible to help resolve training and behavior issues, reduce stress during transitions within your animals environment, address any fears or past traumas, or simply a way for you to ask any questions you may have regarding their overall well being.​​ I communicate with all species of domestic and wild animals.